Sunday, November 15, 2009


this year we were our miis (from the wii)

so i know it's been awhile since halloween but i don't ever take pictures with my own camera so i had to get these pictures from my mom, and i am putting last halloween pictures up too, because i failed to do that last year. so for halloween my mom's side of the family always throws a party and this year my mom had it at her house and we have this mystery dinner i'll try and explain it the best i can but it is super fun, i look forward to it every year!! so everyone gets a menu and it is a three course meal, but instead of the actual name of the food/drink/utensil there is a mystery name for it, so you have to figure out exactly what each of them mean, and you don't know what food has been cooked either so you are totally clueless as to what everything means, and sometimes you don't think it would be very hard but believe me it gets pretty confusing, for example here are some of the items we had on our menu:
guts of an oinker (ham), cooked underground parts(potatoes), blended remains, swamp garva (sprite/kool-aid), catapillar crawls (greenbeans) greasy yeast(roll w/butter), moon glow (water w/orange slice), tenedor (i think this was the fork), blob of brown(brownie), creepy crawlers on a log(celery with pb and choc chips), ghostly cool down, and cuchara(the spoon i think). so you have to write down your first second and third course meal, and then one course at a time you get your food, so some people would get ham potatoes and a roll but nothing to eat it with, then others would get their fork and spoon and a drink but nothing else, while others did really well and they had ham potatoes and a fork. its pretty entertaining!!

these are last years pictures, we were a pregnant nun and a preist!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

the joys of working at mr mac

some of my favorite reasons why i love to work at mr mac (only a certain amount of people might be able to relate)

1. listening to dave haden (the witty australian store manager) tell his outlandish lies, for example: (let me just give you a little back ground history, mr mac was out of missionary sweaters/sweater vests for about 6 months and we kept telling the missionary moms that they would be in, "in about two weeks") #1 favorite lie: mom comes in a little upset because we still haven't received our shipment of sweaters and we keep telling her "two weeks", she asks to talk to our manager, enters dave, quote (in australian accent), "ohh the boat has been docked in san francisco for about two weeks and the captain wont pay the port fee so they can't unload the ship, i have sent two of our men down there to pay the fee and get those sweaters here!!" i don't know if these people actually believe him but they seem to walk away happy, all the while all the employees try not to laugh. #2 favorite lie: (still dealing with sweaters, jennie told me about this one i didn't actually witness it but it's sure funny) mom calls on phone wanting to know when the sweaters are going to be in, jennie asks dave, dave says "tell her that the boat got caught in hurricane katrina and that we lost the shipment of sweaters" i'm pretty sure jennie thinks this is a ridiculous idea but she tells the lady on the phone what dave says, needless to say that is one lie the customer didn't believe!! #3 favorite lie: this happened about 2 days ago, a mom and her daughter bought several of the same tie for the daughter's wedding, we only had 3 or 4 in stock, dave tells tyler that we can get more of the ties in from our sales rep it wont be a problem, well tyler proceeds to tell this to the poor girl getting married, she needed like 10 extra ties. we went to the warehouse on wednesday (dave's day off mind you) and find out that we cant get anymore of these ties in tyler was pretty ticked off. well thursday rolls around and the mom and daughter are back for their ties, jennie calls tyler (who was like seven hours late to work that day) tyler tells jennie to talk to dave, (enters dave with a total different tie, a tie we actually sell to the chef table waiters) quote " ok heres the deal they (they-being the tie makers) sent me your ties but they came in red instead of burgundy, they are a totally different color, not even close to what you want, the dye they make the ties with must have been completely mixed up, BUT they sent me this gorgeous tie instead, now i know its a different tie but it is just gorgeous, it has the black and burgundy to it with a little white, i think it will look just perfect, plus this is an all silk tie we sell for a lot more money but i will give it to you for the same price, and i have enough in stock and i've put them in the back so no one will sell them." i'm sitting there trying really hard not to laugh as i am watching the brides hopes shatter, she was so in love with this certain tie and was able to find boys ties to match and now she is going to have to change her mind, she wasn't to happy, poor girl.

2. you wouldn't think that men would create drama, but let me tell you, working with about 13 of them all day is worse then a squad of high school cheerleaders on their periods. i guess it all has to do with the money.

3. roses are red violets are blue....listening as dave tries to tells us all why the sky is dave likes making poems up

4.convincing dave that madison and i have to go to the mtc because there is just too much stuff for one of us to handle.

5. rick giving all of his missionaries his fatherly advice, watching their faces because they really wanna leave but are just trying to be polite.

6. when joan brings us chocolate from mrs cavanaughs (i think thats how its spelled)

7. the pure joy of shattering some poor teenagers hopes and dreams of completing the mac challenge.

8. the hours we sit listening to callin talk about politics, sports, watches, golf, food, everett, byu football, politics, sports, watches, golf, food, why max hall is the shiz, food, golf, obama, byu, what he is going to buy in twenty years for his 25th anniversary for his wife, did i mention food, golf, politics, watches and byu football?

9.desk girl conversations

10. cartwheel contests, playing frisbee with suit sizers, scaring employees, baseball with umbrellas, trying to guess the date on pennies and keeping it if you get it right...oh the fun we have when we are trying to pass time when its slow!!

oh the joys of working at mr mac!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

4 generations!!!

we took this picture at my grandmas hansens funeral today, four generations of the stubbs men! my amazing grandpa eldon john, my dad jerry john, my brother trever john and my nephew lincoln john! my grandpa is the best grandpa in the whole wide world, i love to brag about him because he is such an awesome man! he lost his left arm in his early twenties and he as acomplished so much in his life since then. in california he was known as the fastest brick mason around, he could lay brick faster then any two armed man could, one time when he was laying brick with my brother, trever thought he would have a contest with grandpa, they each had a wheel barrow and shovel, they were to fill the wheel barrow up with sand and then haul it over to where they were building the mail box, trever didn't think it was going to be to hard to win, my grandpa filled his wheel barrow up and deposited the sand before for trever could even fill his up half way! my grandpa is an amazing man i could brag about him all day long.
this picture is of the newest great grand babies from oldest to youngest, lincoln is the biggest one out of all of them and they are all only a few weeks apart, the one laying down is only a week old and she is the cutest little thing in the world, i can't believe how tiny she is!

this is a picture of all of the grandkids and great grandkids that were at the funeral not a very good picture but yeah!! my grandma had 38 grandkids and 20 great grand kids, i think my grandpa has 40 grandkids and 20 great grand kids!! pretty much this is the coolest family in the world!!

my grandma's funeral was amazing, my aunts all gave great tributes to her, recalling/thanking her for all the things that she taught them and all the things that she gave them, and my dad gave a great talk, i didn't think i would cry cause i don't like to cry but all bets are off when you see your dad cry. im so very thankful for my grandmas example to me, she was such an amazing woman and she always stood up for what she believed in no matter what, she was such a strong woman and i love her so much, im really going to miss her, i am kicking myself for not going to visit her more often the past few years! im so thankful for family sometimes you take them for granted until its to late to really tell them how you feel, i wish i would have been able to tell my grandma how much she meant to me!

Friday, August 14, 2009

it's been forever!!

my brother and sister in law just had their first baby, and the very first grandkid in my family. he was born on august 12th and weighed 8 lbs 8 ounces and was 21 inches long! he is the sweetest little thing in the world! and i admit i do want one!

tyson and i don't have much new that is going on. he found a job painting apartment complexes in slc and it has releaved a lot of stress from our lives. i am still working at mr mac and and dad's as much as possible. i have applied for utah valley dispatch and i have to go take a 2 hour test next wednesday, i guess to see if i qualify for the job or not, im not sure what they are testing me on but im kinda nervous. even if they offer me the job im not going to take it if they make me work every sunday which with my luck that's probably what's going to happen!!

other then that we are living the good life, playing video games, trying to work out (on my part), cross stitching (just me!!!), working, movies, sleeping, eating, teaching primary, and just being together and with our families!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


My finals this semester was really stressful, I had to do group projects in both of my classes. I am in the Construction Management program and I am the only girl. Im not a very social person especially when it comes to people I don't know. So I was put in a group in both of the classes with 3 other guys and we had to work together the whole semester. I was kinda stressed with the final projects that we had to put together and present in class. After that was over (it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be) I stressed about the written final, I didn't think i would do very good in my second class, I was actually hoping to just pass the class. But when I got my grades I was surprised!! I got an A and a B! YAY!!! I was so happy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sin City!

Okay so its been forever since i've updated. Tyson and I went to Vegas for our year anniversary and we stayed in the Stratosphere. We went to the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay bay on Friday and that was pretty cool! They had sea turtles and jelly fish and sharks and stingrays and all sorts of cool fish. It was pretty cool! On Saturday we went to the Blue Man Group and that was way cool! They were kinda scary because they don't talk and they just look at you and sometimes they come down into the crowd and walk around. They were hilarious though, I would definately tell people to go see them! We loved the Venetian Hotel the paintings stuff were really cool.
As you can see Tyson was super excited about having his picture taken!! (He actually tried really hard to look ackward in this picture, i think he succeeded!)This is Tyson's favorite picture! For some reason he is obsessed with the humor of segways!
We loved the Venetian Hotel, it was our favorite one, these umbrellas happen to be in between the Venetian and Pallazo Hotel/Shops. We thought they were pretty cool! The Shark Aquarium! Some of the picture were hard to take cause of the glass but some of them turned out pretty cool!

This is what I got Tyson for our anniversary/his birthday! He wanted a tactical light for his gun so I found a pretty cool one and bought it.

Tyson got me My wedding band! I have wanted it for a year but I didn't think that he would get it because it was to expensive so I was really suprised when he gave it to me.

It looks so pretty with my ring! I love it! He did such an awesome job picking out my ring!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay so i have been super busy the past few weeks. Tyson got laid off from his job after being there for only one month, it came as a shock to both of us. The investors in his company lost half their assets over night so they had to lay off a lot of people. So the past few weeks Tyson has been trying to find a job anywhere, but unfortunately nobody is hiring, it seems as if everyone is on a hiring freeze. So i started working at Mr. Mac in Orem, again, it's not something i wanted to go back to but it is a job that i enjoy...for the most part! I am still working for my dad, he has been slow the past few months so we haven't had a lot of work, right now i only work for him once a week. But everything is going really well for us. We really enjoy our ward and our primary children! We are going to Vegas for our year anniversary next week and we are super excited! I will write about that when we get back!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day!

I've never been into Valentine's Day, I kinda think it is overated! Even now that I am married I still don't really care about it! So Tyson gets a break from having to really celebrate it! But this Valentine's was actually a good day, Tyson made me breakfast and it was super good! Then we went to Porter's Place for dinner, I had never been there before but it was really good! I liked the place cause it was so olden day!! We then rented a movie (it was kinda lame) then we went to Best Buy cause Tyson was bored and he just wanted to look around, we started looking at the I-pod touch (i've been wanting one since they first came out, even though i have a perfectly good ipod!!) and to my surprise Tyson bought me one!! I'm pretty excited about it! So it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day ever!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I give in!!

Okay so I'm finally going to give in to this 25 random things about me. I've had like 15 people tag me on facebook and through emails so I guess I'm going to finally do this even though its going to probably take me FOREVER to figure out 25 random things about myself! So here goes...

1-I'm always right no matter what, even if I'm wrong and i know I'm wrong, I'm still always right!!

2-I once fit 65 pieces of double bubble, bubble gum in my mouth. All of it was chewed too. And i probably could have fit more but my stomach was starting to really get sick because of all the sugar i was swallowing!!

3-I would love to work on crimes, you know be a crime scene investigator that would be cool. I would also love to be an Attorney, but i hate school so there is no way I would survive the 7 years of it!

4-I like Micheal Jackson, I love his music and his dancing.

5-If i would have had $200 dollars last year, I would have bought a ticket to the Spice Girls concert in Vegas.

6-I can quote the whole Liar Liar movie, word for word, and i could probably act out 85% of it too! I love it!

7-I love reality TV shows, and it doesn't matter which ones, i like them all, and for some reason I love the ones with all girl drama! like The Hills!!

8-I love games, board games, card games, video games, night games...I'm a total gamer!

9-I once worked at a surveying company, you know the people who call you and ask you to take a survey, yeah I did that, except I never really worked, I usually just sat there! It was an easy job, paid pretty good too!

10-I like sports, I like to watch football and basketball. Probably even more then my husband does!

11-I love mud, I love playing in it, i like the feel of it between my toes!!

12-I hate toothpaste, I hate the taste and the texture of it.

13-I have a really good memory!

14-I love country music, 90% of the music on my I-Pod is country. I've always like it and that will never change!

15-I don't consider Spanish Fork a small town.

16-I love horror films, I'm not sure why because they are usually pretty stupid, but I've never been scared in any of the ones I've watched.

17-I love baby/kids clothes, I always have, I think once I get pregnant I'm going to go crazy with the kids clothes!!

18-I could watch commercials all day, I find them so funny, well most of them!

19-I hate hot tubs, they are too hot for me, I feel like I cant breathe.

20-I love trucks, if i could choose a vehicle to drive it would be a truck.

21-I am secretly the biggest fan of Harry Potter, I don't think people realize that I'm a total nerd when it comes to those books and movies!

22-I love to chew ice, I would much rather have ice in a cup then the actual drink.

23-I would much rather raise boys then girls.

24-I hate dancing, but when I was younger I did dance and in the drill down i won first place out of like 60 other girls, and my cousin (who is an amazing dancer) got second place! I was so happy I beat her!!

25-I've never been to Disneyland, but it's never been at the top of my vacation list, even when I was little I think I was more interested in going to DC and going through all the museums out there.

Whew! Im done! That was hard!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I love the Disney move Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Grumpy is my favorite. So for my birthday Tyson sculpted me Grumpy! He is so cute, I just want to take him everywhere!! I think it is by far the best sculpture that Tyson has done so far, but I might be just a little biased!! I also got season two of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! I mentioned a few months ago that I would love the seasons of it, Tyson could only find the second one but I'm so excited to watch it!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy! Happy! Happy!

I can't really remember the last time I was this happy (okay that sounds like I haven't been happy for a long time...I have). Its crazy how one phone call can make all your worries disappear! The past few months have been so stressful, we had so many things happen we were wondering if we were ever going to see the light! But we have!! I got the best birthday present ever!! Tyson got a job, and he is working at a film studio, which is something he has really wanted to do! We can see how this might lead to the big studios in L.A.! We are so happy and it seriously feels like a load of bricks have been lifted off of our backs! Tyson has again been able to look forward to going to work in the mornings! Hopefully with this new job we will be able to save some money and be able to actually live on our own again!!