Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sin City!

Okay so its been forever since i've updated. Tyson and I went to Vegas for our year anniversary and we stayed in the Stratosphere. We went to the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay bay on Friday and that was pretty cool! They had sea turtles and jelly fish and sharks and stingrays and all sorts of cool fish. It was pretty cool! On Saturday we went to the Blue Man Group and that was way cool! They were kinda scary because they don't talk and they just look at you and sometimes they come down into the crowd and walk around. They were hilarious though, I would definately tell people to go see them! We loved the Venetian Hotel the paintings stuff were really cool.
As you can see Tyson was super excited about having his picture taken!! (He actually tried really hard to look ackward in this picture, i think he succeeded!)This is Tyson's favorite picture! For some reason he is obsessed with the humor of segways!
We loved the Venetian Hotel, it was our favorite one, these umbrellas happen to be in between the Venetian and Pallazo Hotel/Shops. We thought they were pretty cool! The Shark Aquarium! Some of the picture were hard to take cause of the glass but some of them turned out pretty cool!

This is what I got Tyson for our anniversary/his birthday! He wanted a tactical light for his gun so I found a pretty cool one and bought it.

Tyson got me My wedding band! I have wanted it for a year but I didn't think that he would get it because it was to expensive so I was really suprised when he gave it to me.

It looks so pretty with my ring! I love it! He did such an awesome job picking out my ring!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay so i have been super busy the past few weeks. Tyson got laid off from his job after being there for only one month, it came as a shock to both of us. The investors in his company lost half their assets over night so they had to lay off a lot of people. So the past few weeks Tyson has been trying to find a job anywhere, but unfortunately nobody is hiring, it seems as if everyone is on a hiring freeze. So i started working at Mr. Mac in Orem, again, it's not something i wanted to go back to but it is a job that i enjoy...for the most part! I am still working for my dad, he has been slow the past few months so we haven't had a lot of work, right now i only work for him once a week. But everything is going really well for us. We really enjoy our ward and our primary children! We are going to Vegas for our year anniversary next week and we are super excited! I will write about that when we get back!!