Wednesday, August 25, 2010

im ready, he's not!!!

i'm putting this picture on here against my better judgement, i think i look huge!!

i went to the doctor last week and he told me i was 50% effaced and not dilated at all, i was fine with that because i still had 3 weeks to go. i went to him again yesterday and i am 50% effaced and not dilated, i wasn't to happy when i left the doctors office, and all night it kept wearing on me, i have been happy to be pregnant this whole time but this last week has really worn on me, by the time i get home from work i hurt pretty bad so i was hoping the doctor would have better news for me this week but when he told me i haven't progressed i was a little mad, but today i've accepted that my baby is probably just as stubborn as the rest of us Stubbs and he is going to come when he is ready!! i did ask the doctor if he would start me on the 5th if i haven't come by then but he said that he won't start me because if i'm not ready then inducing doesn't usually work and you end up having to have c-section, so i have to go a week over before he will start me!! i'm hoping and praying i don't go over that far!!

so the past few weeks i've been trying to get everything set up for when the baby gets here! i have set up his little room and put everything in it's place, i re-arranged things a few times until i've gotten it exactly the way i want. we will keep him in our room for a few weeks before we actually use the crib. i honestly just can't wait until he comes!

my grandpa made me this rocking chair!! i love it so much, i just need to get a little cushion for the seat but other then that its super comfortable, i can't wait to rock my baby in it!! but for now its my reading chair!!

this is the crib quilt my mom made me, its super soft and cute, there are different animals, a goldfish, duck, giraffe, whale, elephant, pig, sheep, dog, cat, hippo, bear, zebra, rabbit, frog, dinosaur, and a turtle they are all made out of the minke fabric and they are super soft! she spent a lot of time on it and i love it, and i'm sure our baby will too!!

these are just a couple of the animals!!