Thursday, July 15, 2010

7 1/2 more weeks...but whos counting?!

i dont have any pictures of my prego belly, well my mom does but i really don't want to go get them to upload on here so you will have to do without!! lately i've been getting the pregnancy comments and i don't really appreciate them!! i honestly don't think i look that huge, maybe i am just lying to myself and i really do look like i am having triplets!! but as long as my doctor keeps telling me i am measuring perfect for how far along i am, then that's who i will listen to.

i've always found it amusing when pregnant woman waddle!! now i know why they do it!! i never really thought i would ache to bad, but standing on my feet for a few hours everyday kills me, luckily my hours have been cut back and its super slow so i don't have to stand or walk around too much, though i don't feel very productive at work, but i will make up for it when i go back!!

i am super excited for this baby to get here, everyone keeps telling me that i will wish it back inside after he is here, but i really don't think that i will, i honestly can't wait for him to come, i can't wait for all of the experiences that are heading our way, i don't get much sleep right now and i know its the lord preparing me for when he actually gets here, i hate my sleep being disturbed so i know that these past few weeks of not being able to get much sleep and always being super tired is the lords way of showing me that my sleep really isn't that important, though i know i will gladly lose sleep over the baby when he gets here.

my mom took me shopping a few days ago and we got a few things that i will need including a stroller and car seat and i cant wait to use it, all of our stuff is just sitting there waiting for him to come. everytime i get something new for him i can't wait to show tyson, though he never shows any enthusiasm for the cute outfits, shoes and accessories, he tells me i can't get mad because he is just more excited for the baby to come, he doesn't really care about the things we have to have for him, it doesn't really bother me because i know tyson is going to be the best dad in the entire world. if anyone has any advice on how NOT to get poop on your hands tyson will be very happy, he says he will die if he ever gets human poop on his hands!! and i wont be surprised if i show up one day and he has a gas mask on with gloves changing the baby's diaper!!

well i am hoping the next few weeks go by super fast and i hope that this baby decides to come early i am so ready to be a mom!!