Friday, October 23, 2009

the joys of working at mr mac

some of my favorite reasons why i love to work at mr mac (only a certain amount of people might be able to relate)

1. listening to dave haden (the witty australian store manager) tell his outlandish lies, for example: (let me just give you a little back ground history, mr mac was out of missionary sweaters/sweater vests for about 6 months and we kept telling the missionary moms that they would be in, "in about two weeks") #1 favorite lie: mom comes in a little upset because we still haven't received our shipment of sweaters and we keep telling her "two weeks", she asks to talk to our manager, enters dave, quote (in australian accent), "ohh the boat has been docked in san francisco for about two weeks and the captain wont pay the port fee so they can't unload the ship, i have sent two of our men down there to pay the fee and get those sweaters here!!" i don't know if these people actually believe him but they seem to walk away happy, all the while all the employees try not to laugh. #2 favorite lie: (still dealing with sweaters, jennie told me about this one i didn't actually witness it but it's sure funny) mom calls on phone wanting to know when the sweaters are going to be in, jennie asks dave, dave says "tell her that the boat got caught in hurricane katrina and that we lost the shipment of sweaters" i'm pretty sure jennie thinks this is a ridiculous idea but she tells the lady on the phone what dave says, needless to say that is one lie the customer didn't believe!! #3 favorite lie: this happened about 2 days ago, a mom and her daughter bought several of the same tie for the daughter's wedding, we only had 3 or 4 in stock, dave tells tyler that we can get more of the ties in from our sales rep it wont be a problem, well tyler proceeds to tell this to the poor girl getting married, she needed like 10 extra ties. we went to the warehouse on wednesday (dave's day off mind you) and find out that we cant get anymore of these ties in tyler was pretty ticked off. well thursday rolls around and the mom and daughter are back for their ties, jennie calls tyler (who was like seven hours late to work that day) tyler tells jennie to talk to dave, (enters dave with a total different tie, a tie we actually sell to the chef table waiters) quote " ok heres the deal they (they-being the tie makers) sent me your ties but they came in red instead of burgundy, they are a totally different color, not even close to what you want, the dye they make the ties with must have been completely mixed up, BUT they sent me this gorgeous tie instead, now i know its a different tie but it is just gorgeous, it has the black and burgundy to it with a little white, i think it will look just perfect, plus this is an all silk tie we sell for a lot more money but i will give it to you for the same price, and i have enough in stock and i've put them in the back so no one will sell them." i'm sitting there trying really hard not to laugh as i am watching the brides hopes shatter, she was so in love with this certain tie and was able to find boys ties to match and now she is going to have to change her mind, she wasn't to happy, poor girl.

2. you wouldn't think that men would create drama, but let me tell you, working with about 13 of them all day is worse then a squad of high school cheerleaders on their periods. i guess it all has to do with the money.

3. roses are red violets are blue....listening as dave tries to tells us all why the sky is dave likes making poems up

4.convincing dave that madison and i have to go to the mtc because there is just too much stuff for one of us to handle.

5. rick giving all of his missionaries his fatherly advice, watching their faces because they really wanna leave but are just trying to be polite.

6. when joan brings us chocolate from mrs cavanaughs (i think thats how its spelled)

7. the pure joy of shattering some poor teenagers hopes and dreams of completing the mac challenge.

8. the hours we sit listening to callin talk about politics, sports, watches, golf, food, everett, byu football, politics, sports, watches, golf, food, why max hall is the shiz, food, golf, obama, byu, what he is going to buy in twenty years for his 25th anniversary for his wife, did i mention food, golf, politics, watches and byu football?

9.desk girl conversations

10. cartwheel contests, playing frisbee with suit sizers, scaring employees, baseball with umbrellas, trying to guess the date on pennies and keeping it if you get it right...oh the fun we have when we are trying to pass time when its slow!!

oh the joys of working at mr mac!!!