Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wyatt's blessing

we blessed waytt on december 5th, tyson gave him such a wonderful blessing. im so grateful to have a husband that is a worthy priesthood holder that can give blessings whenever needed! wyatt is now 3 months old and getting bigger everyday! he wears 6-9 month clothing and he weighs about 17 lbs!! he goes to bed at 10:30 every night and wakes up around 6:30-7 in the morning and eats for about 20 minutes then goes back to bed till 8 or 9!! he is such a happy baby he usually only crys when he is hungry tired or needs his diaper changed. he is grabbing at objects that are in front of him, he loves his bounce chair that has his toys on it, he will sit and talk to them forever!! he loves his fists, he trys to put his whole hand in his mouth, he also loves to scratch his face, i have to put mittens on his hands because he has got his eye a couple of times
he still loves his bath time, he makes me laugh until im crying every time i bath him because he gets so excited, he splashes his water out of is tub everytime!! he also loves to be in just his diaper, he kicks his legs and moves his arms so fast when he is naked!! i can never record any of this though because as soon as the camera is out and he notices it, he stops everything and just sits there looking at it, he is a little stinker but we love him to death!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


wyatt loves his bath time, he has pretty much out grown his bath tub, he splashes water every where when he is in it. we have put him in the big bath a few times and just held his head out of the water and he wiggles like crazy!! i think he is going to be a little fish and love the water like his mom!!
i absolutely love this picture because of his fat belly and double chin!!
he was a dinosaur for halloween, this is the best picture i have of him, he didn't really like his costume, but i am going to go have some professional pictures taken of him in it and his blessing outfit, which i just bought today and he looks so freakin cute in it!!
one of the girls that i work with bought him this hat and he looks so stinkin cute in it, i love it!!
he has is two month appointment on tuesday and he has to have few shots which im not excited for, i can't wait to find out how much he weighs and what percentile he is in!! he is such a big boy i love it. he usually sleeps about 5 1/2-6 hours each night which has been great! he is growing out of his 3 month clothes already and is not wearing either 3-6 months or 6 month clothes, he is growing way to fast!! tyson and i love being parents and wyatt brings so much happiness into our lives!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just a few pictures!

my aunt launa took pictures of wyatt, and a few of us, this is our favorite of all of us together.

this is one of my favorite pictures of him. he is really starting to get fat, i love his fat rolls.
my mom suggested that we use tyson's skateboard for a few pictures and they turned out so stinkin cute!!

this one is another one of my favorites of him!! he was so good during all of this, he slept through most of the pictures and when he woke up he was happy and not fussy at all. he is such a good baby, we couldn't ask for a better little boy, we love him to death!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wyatt James Van Wagoner

this is my last pregnancy picture, i am 40 weeks and 4 days. we had to be at the hospital at 7 in the morning, this is me in the waiting room, waiting to check in. we were there at 7 and it only took us a few minutes to check in, we then went to our room where we were suppose to only wait like 45 minutes to start the c-section but they got backed up, so we ended up going in at like 9:30, they wouldn't let tyson in the room with me when i got the epidural which i didn't like at all, i got really nervous being there by myself. after i got the epidural they strapped me down and got me all ready to go and then they let tyson come in. they started the surgery at 10:21 and Wyatt was born at 10:27

he weighed 10 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long!! when they typed his weight into the computer it rounded it up to 11 pounds!!

when they stitched me up and wheeled me back into my room wyatt was in the nursery, i only got to see him for a few seconds before they took him away and they i had to wait in my room for like 45 minutes before they finally brought him to me. this is me holding him for the first time.
tyson is a very proud daddy!! he was awesome our entire stay at the hospital, he changed all of his diapers and never complained about it at all!!
grandpa van holding wyatt for the first time!
wyatt on his way home!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

im ready, he's not!!!

i'm putting this picture on here against my better judgement, i think i look huge!!

i went to the doctor last week and he told me i was 50% effaced and not dilated at all, i was fine with that because i still had 3 weeks to go. i went to him again yesterday and i am 50% effaced and not dilated, i wasn't to happy when i left the doctors office, and all night it kept wearing on me, i have been happy to be pregnant this whole time but this last week has really worn on me, by the time i get home from work i hurt pretty bad so i was hoping the doctor would have better news for me this week but when he told me i haven't progressed i was a little mad, but today i've accepted that my baby is probably just as stubborn as the rest of us Stubbs and he is going to come when he is ready!! i did ask the doctor if he would start me on the 5th if i haven't come by then but he said that he won't start me because if i'm not ready then inducing doesn't usually work and you end up having to have c-section, so i have to go a week over before he will start me!! i'm hoping and praying i don't go over that far!!

so the past few weeks i've been trying to get everything set up for when the baby gets here! i have set up his little room and put everything in it's place, i re-arranged things a few times until i've gotten it exactly the way i want. we will keep him in our room for a few weeks before we actually use the crib. i honestly just can't wait until he comes!

my grandpa made me this rocking chair!! i love it so much, i just need to get a little cushion for the seat but other then that its super comfortable, i can't wait to rock my baby in it!! but for now its my reading chair!!

this is the crib quilt my mom made me, its super soft and cute, there are different animals, a goldfish, duck, giraffe, whale, elephant, pig, sheep, dog, cat, hippo, bear, zebra, rabbit, frog, dinosaur, and a turtle they are all made out of the minke fabric and they are super soft! she spent a lot of time on it and i love it, and i'm sure our baby will too!!

these are just a couple of the animals!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

7 1/2 more weeks...but whos counting?!

i dont have any pictures of my prego belly, well my mom does but i really don't want to go get them to upload on here so you will have to do without!! lately i've been getting the pregnancy comments and i don't really appreciate them!! i honestly don't think i look that huge, maybe i am just lying to myself and i really do look like i am having triplets!! but as long as my doctor keeps telling me i am measuring perfect for how far along i am, then that's who i will listen to.

i've always found it amusing when pregnant woman waddle!! now i know why they do it!! i never really thought i would ache to bad, but standing on my feet for a few hours everyday kills me, luckily my hours have been cut back and its super slow so i don't have to stand or walk around too much, though i don't feel very productive at work, but i will make up for it when i go back!!

i am super excited for this baby to get here, everyone keeps telling me that i will wish it back inside after he is here, but i really don't think that i will, i honestly can't wait for him to come, i can't wait for all of the experiences that are heading our way, i don't get much sleep right now and i know its the lord preparing me for when he actually gets here, i hate my sleep being disturbed so i know that these past few weeks of not being able to get much sleep and always being super tired is the lords way of showing me that my sleep really isn't that important, though i know i will gladly lose sleep over the baby when he gets here.

my mom took me shopping a few days ago and we got a few things that i will need including a stroller and car seat and i cant wait to use it, all of our stuff is just sitting there waiting for him to come. everytime i get something new for him i can't wait to show tyson, though he never shows any enthusiasm for the cute outfits, shoes and accessories, he tells me i can't get mad because he is just more excited for the baby to come, he doesn't really care about the things we have to have for him, it doesn't really bother me because i know tyson is going to be the best dad in the entire world. if anyone has any advice on how NOT to get poop on your hands tyson will be very happy, he says he will die if he ever gets human poop on his hands!! and i wont be surprised if i show up one day and he has a gas mask on with gloves changing the baby's diaper!!

well i am hoping the next few weeks go by super fast and i hope that this baby decides to come early i am so ready to be a mom!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's a baby....

we went to the doctor today to have our ultrasound and find out what that baby is! i've been worried that something might not be 100% right with the baby, not that i have any reason to worry about that but i just have. the guy that did the ultrasound first started out searching every part of the baby to make sure every thing looked healthy and whole, we got to look at the brain, spine, kidney's, heart, and stomach, and i was reassured that everything looked and measured to be completely normal! he also made sure everything looked good with me making sure i didn't have any cysts or placenta previa which i don't! it was amazing to be able to see the four chambers in the heart and to see that working correctly, it was also cool to see the ateries that are connected to the umbilical cord and through out the body! according to the measurements of the baby i am due september 5th at 7 AM!! haha not that that will ever turn out to be correct but i thought it was funny that he put a time with the date! though tyson thinks it would really be nice if i did go on september 5th because we could miss church, and all of our families could miss church and have a good excuse!! haha i thought that was funny when he said that!! anywhoo thats kinda what's been going on in our life!!

OH WAIT, i almost forgot to mention the most important part the baby's gender...its a BOY!!! and tyson and i could not be more happy. i think tyson is super excited because now he is going to have a little buddy he can teach to shoot guns, go camping and hunting with and do whatever it is boys like to do!! im also happy because i think i might be a better mom to boys then girls because i don't think i can handle to drama/emotional sides of girls, unless i get girls like me then they will be absolutely perfect!!! that sounds really vain, good thing im not being serious!! i'm really excited to see what the next year has in store for our growing family and i am super excited for this little boy to get here!!
p.s i wanted to put pictures up of the ultrasound but my scanner is not working so you have to make due with out until i can get it to work!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i'm not very good at keeping up to date on this thing. the past few months a lot of things have changed in our lives. we moved in with my parents, its been an easier transition then i thought it would be, at least for me, im not really sure if its beem easy on tyson or my parents, but we are grateful that we have such great families that help us out in so many ways.

tyson started school at UVU and he really enjoys it and he has done amazing on all of his tests and homework. he is taking math english criminal justice and an automobile class. he really enjoys that criminal justice class, his teacher is a retired FBI agent so he has some really cool stories and tyson really enjoys it and is thinking he might want to go into that field!! im personally a little jealous because i've always wanted to be an FBI agent or work in special victims or something, but maybe this way i can kinda live it through my hubby while i get to be a mom which is something i'm really looking forward to!!

i'm still working at mr mac and i do enjoy it for the most part!! i'm also trying to keep up on my dad's job as well, though i have been slacking the last few months but i'm getting better at working since we've moved in with my parents.

we had a calling the first week we moved into the ward, we are primary teachers, i know big surprise, we are teaching the 6 and 7 year olds and we only have 4 kids that come and they are super hyper, we have had to start a "good star/bad star" chart so that if they earn enough good stars we have a class party, we just started it last week and it worked really well!!

for those of you who don't already know tyson and i are expecting a baby, im due on the 5th of september and as of today i'm 9 weeks. i've been sick and really tired, but my doctor just told me about some medicine that helps morning sickness and it has a mild sleep aid in it, so i take it at night and its suppose to help, i guess i'll have to see if it will! tyson and i are really excited, though i think tyson is more excited then me, don't get me wrong i am excited its just hard to enjoy being pregnant when your sick all the time!!! hopefully when i can actually start feeling the baby move it will really sink in that i am actually pregnant, until then the sickness is the constant reminder that i've got this baby inside me!!

we are excited for what this next year is going to bring for our little family and i can't wait until september!!