Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day!

I've never been into Valentine's Day, I kinda think it is overated! Even now that I am married I still don't really care about it! So Tyson gets a break from having to really celebrate it! But this Valentine's was actually a good day, Tyson made me breakfast and it was super good! Then we went to Porter's Place for dinner, I had never been there before but it was really good! I liked the place cause it was so olden day!! We then rented a movie (it was kinda lame) then we went to Best Buy cause Tyson was bored and he just wanted to look around, we started looking at the I-pod touch (i've been wanting one since they first came out, even though i have a perfectly good ipod!!) and to my surprise Tyson bought me one!! I'm pretty excited about it! So it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day ever!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I give in!!

Okay so I'm finally going to give in to this 25 random things about me. I've had like 15 people tag me on facebook and through emails so I guess I'm going to finally do this even though its going to probably take me FOREVER to figure out 25 random things about myself! So here goes...

1-I'm always right no matter what, even if I'm wrong and i know I'm wrong, I'm still always right!!

2-I once fit 65 pieces of double bubble, bubble gum in my mouth. All of it was chewed too. And i probably could have fit more but my stomach was starting to really get sick because of all the sugar i was swallowing!!

3-I would love to work on crimes, you know be a crime scene investigator that would be cool. I would also love to be an Attorney, but i hate school so there is no way I would survive the 7 years of it!

4-I like Micheal Jackson, I love his music and his dancing.

5-If i would have had $200 dollars last year, I would have bought a ticket to the Spice Girls concert in Vegas.

6-I can quote the whole Liar Liar movie, word for word, and i could probably act out 85% of it too! I love it!

7-I love reality TV shows, and it doesn't matter which ones, i like them all, and for some reason I love the ones with all girl drama! like The Hills!!

8-I love games, board games, card games, video games, night games...I'm a total gamer!

9-I once worked at a surveying company, you know the people who call you and ask you to take a survey, yeah I did that, except I never really worked, I usually just sat there! It was an easy job, paid pretty good too!

10-I like sports, I like to watch football and basketball. Probably even more then my husband does!

11-I love mud, I love playing in it, i like the feel of it between my toes!!

12-I hate toothpaste, I hate the taste and the texture of it.

13-I have a really good memory!

14-I love country music, 90% of the music on my I-Pod is country. I've always like it and that will never change!

15-I don't consider Spanish Fork a small town.

16-I love horror films, I'm not sure why because they are usually pretty stupid, but I've never been scared in any of the ones I've watched.

17-I love baby/kids clothes, I always have, I think once I get pregnant I'm going to go crazy with the kids clothes!!

18-I could watch commercials all day, I find them so funny, well most of them!

19-I hate hot tubs, they are too hot for me, I feel like I cant breathe.

20-I love trucks, if i could choose a vehicle to drive it would be a truck.

21-I am secretly the biggest fan of Harry Potter, I don't think people realize that I'm a total nerd when it comes to those books and movies!

22-I love to chew ice, I would much rather have ice in a cup then the actual drink.

23-I would much rather raise boys then girls.

24-I hate dancing, but when I was younger I did dance and in the drill down i won first place out of like 60 other girls, and my cousin (who is an amazing dancer) got second place! I was so happy I beat her!!

25-I've never been to Disneyland, but it's never been at the top of my vacation list, even when I was little I think I was more interested in going to DC and going through all the museums out there.

Whew! Im done! That was hard!