Friday, September 18, 2009

4 generations!!!

we took this picture at my grandmas hansens funeral today, four generations of the stubbs men! my amazing grandpa eldon john, my dad jerry john, my brother trever john and my nephew lincoln john! my grandpa is the best grandpa in the whole wide world, i love to brag about him because he is such an awesome man! he lost his left arm in his early twenties and he as acomplished so much in his life since then. in california he was known as the fastest brick mason around, he could lay brick faster then any two armed man could, one time when he was laying brick with my brother, trever thought he would have a contest with grandpa, they each had a wheel barrow and shovel, they were to fill the wheel barrow up with sand and then haul it over to where they were building the mail box, trever didn't think it was going to be to hard to win, my grandpa filled his wheel barrow up and deposited the sand before for trever could even fill his up half way! my grandpa is an amazing man i could brag about him all day long.
this picture is of the newest great grand babies from oldest to youngest, lincoln is the biggest one out of all of them and they are all only a few weeks apart, the one laying down is only a week old and she is the cutest little thing in the world, i can't believe how tiny she is!

this is a picture of all of the grandkids and great grandkids that were at the funeral not a very good picture but yeah!! my grandma had 38 grandkids and 20 great grand kids, i think my grandpa has 40 grandkids and 20 great grand kids!! pretty much this is the coolest family in the world!!

my grandma's funeral was amazing, my aunts all gave great tributes to her, recalling/thanking her for all the things that she taught them and all the things that she gave them, and my dad gave a great talk, i didn't think i would cry cause i don't like to cry but all bets are off when you see your dad cry. im so very thankful for my grandmas example to me, she was such an amazing woman and she always stood up for what she believed in no matter what, she was such a strong woman and i love her so much, im really going to miss her, i am kicking myself for not going to visit her more often the past few years! im so thankful for family sometimes you take them for granted until its to late to really tell them how you feel, i wish i would have been able to tell my grandma how much she meant to me!