Wednesday, October 5, 2011

birthday, first year pictures, bridal fairs!

tyson and i have been busy putting together booths for the provo and south towne expo bridal fairs, as many of you know tyson does likeness sculptures, he decided to make and sale some custom wedding cake toppers, unfortunately i don't have any pictures of them but if you want to you can go look at his website, it is he has all of his work that he has done. the fairs went really good and the response was amazing. so if y0u know of anyone that is getting married or just wants a really good birthday/wedding/anniversary/etc... gifts let us know, he can pretty much do anything!!

for some reason when i upload this picture it flips sideways sorry i can't figure out why!! so this was wyatt's cake for his birthday! my brother in law works with a lady that makes cakes and she did such a good job on his cake and it tasted way good too!!
we had his first year pictures taken, my amazing auntie launa took them and she did such a good job. we got to the park that we planned on taking the pictures at and it was closed so we went to a different one and we got all set up with everything, took a few pictures and the sprinklers turned on, on us!! wyatt started crying and from there on he refused to be happy, i had my mom come with me thinking that she would be able to help make him laugh, well it was just the opposite, he held on to her for dear life, he refused to move an inch away from her and would cry if she tried putting him down, we finally sat him down and made him dig into a little cake that we brought with us and about ten minutes after he ate some sugar he finally calmed down and we got some really good pictures!! here are just a few, she took like 300 pictures so it was hard to choose which ones to put on here!!

this one is my favorite one!!
for wyatt's birthday we went to bicentennial park in provo and had pulled pork sandwiches with salad chips and drinks, wyatt was super tired and so he didn't dive into his cake like i thought he would, but he did pretty good! he got tons of toys and clothes, he is defiantly a very spoiled/loved little boy!! i am so grateful to have him in my life, he brings me such joy i love being his mom, he is the best baby in the world!!

lincoln was such a good helper, he helped wyatt open his presents!

i love this picture of wyatt and his great grandma marge!!
that's pretty much been our life the past month or so busy busy busy, it's been good though!! also I'm pretty excited breaking dawn comes out and guess who has tickets to the midnight showing!! that's right ladies, its me!! i know you're all jealous!!