Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's a baby....

we went to the doctor today to have our ultrasound and find out what that baby is! i've been worried that something might not be 100% right with the baby, not that i have any reason to worry about that but i just have. the guy that did the ultrasound first started out searching every part of the baby to make sure every thing looked healthy and whole, we got to look at the brain, spine, kidney's, heart, and stomach, and i was reassured that everything looked and measured to be completely normal! he also made sure everything looked good with me making sure i didn't have any cysts or placenta previa which i don't! it was amazing to be able to see the four chambers in the heart and to see that working correctly, it was also cool to see the ateries that are connected to the umbilical cord and through out the body! according to the measurements of the baby i am due september 5th at 7 AM!! haha not that that will ever turn out to be correct but i thought it was funny that he put a time with the date! though tyson thinks it would really be nice if i did go on september 5th because we could miss church, and all of our families could miss church and have a good excuse!! haha i thought that was funny when he said that!! anywhoo thats kinda what's been going on in our life!!

OH WAIT, i almost forgot to mention the most important part the baby's gender...its a BOY!!! and tyson and i could not be more happy. i think tyson is super excited because now he is going to have a little buddy he can teach to shoot guns, go camping and hunting with and do whatever it is boys like to do!! im also happy because i think i might be a better mom to boys then girls because i don't think i can handle to drama/emotional sides of girls, unless i get girls like me then they will be absolutely perfect!!! that sounds really vain, good thing im not being serious!! i'm really excited to see what the next year has in store for our growing family and i am super excited for this little boy to get here!!
p.s i wanted to put pictures up of the ultrasound but my scanner is not working so you have to make due with out until i can get it to work!