Sunday, November 15, 2009


this year we were our miis (from the wii)

so i know it's been awhile since halloween but i don't ever take pictures with my own camera so i had to get these pictures from my mom, and i am putting last halloween pictures up too, because i failed to do that last year. so for halloween my mom's side of the family always throws a party and this year my mom had it at her house and we have this mystery dinner i'll try and explain it the best i can but it is super fun, i look forward to it every year!! so everyone gets a menu and it is a three course meal, but instead of the actual name of the food/drink/utensil there is a mystery name for it, so you have to figure out exactly what each of them mean, and you don't know what food has been cooked either so you are totally clueless as to what everything means, and sometimes you don't think it would be very hard but believe me it gets pretty confusing, for example here are some of the items we had on our menu:
guts of an oinker (ham), cooked underground parts(potatoes), blended remains, swamp garva (sprite/kool-aid), catapillar crawls (greenbeans) greasy yeast(roll w/butter), moon glow (water w/orange slice), tenedor (i think this was the fork), blob of brown(brownie), creepy crawlers on a log(celery with pb and choc chips), ghostly cool down, and cuchara(the spoon i think). so you have to write down your first second and third course meal, and then one course at a time you get your food, so some people would get ham potatoes and a roll but nothing to eat it with, then others would get their fork and spoon and a drink but nothing else, while others did really well and they had ham potatoes and a fork. its pretty entertaining!!

these are last years pictures, we were a pregnant nun and a preist!!