Sunday, January 30, 2011

mr wyatt

wyatt is now 4 months old, almost 5, he now weighs 19.2 lbs and probably even closer to 20 since
we went to the doctor at the first of the month. i asked the doctor if wyatt could have rice in his bottles because he was eating 6-7 ounces every hour and a half, he was constantly hungry, but the doctor told me he would try not to but if i couldn't handle feeding him that often then i could use my own discretion, but not to feed him any solids until he is 6 months old. well i tried putting the rice in the formula in his bottle but it didn't seem to help at all, so i decided i wasn't going to
listen to the doctor instead i took my family's advice.

i started to feed him just the rice cereal!! he loves it, he eats so much of it too, i couldn't believe how much he ate the first time i feed it to him, and he is a natural, he didn't spit it out at all!! i only feed it to him at night before he goes to bed, now during the day he eats every 2-3-4 hours which is nice!! he is also rolling over, from his back to his tummy, the doctor said that it is rare that big babies roll from back to tummy first. he was also surprised at how strong wyatt is and how social he is!! he rolled off our ottoman a few days after he learned to roll over luckily our bean bag was there to catch him!!

he loves his bumbo chair!!
he also loves to stand up now, he thinks he is such a big boy when he stands up!!!

tonight grandma gave him his first haircut while he was sleeping!! now it is nice and even and it doesn't look so messy!!!

i can't remember if in my last post if i said we had moved to provo, but we have!!!! and we love it, it's been nice to be on our own again, though i miss being able to just give him to my mom for a few minutes while i needed a break. i also quit my job so i am now a full time mom!! i love to be able to spend all day with my little man!! it is such a joy to be a mom to him!! tyson is still working and going to school, he love's his teachers and he is now on the honor roll!!!