Thursday, February 23, 2012

KSL/Cake Toppers

Tyson has been sculpting his little heart out since the first of the year, these are a few of the cake toppers he has done, the one of the motorcycle and the BYU one he did for family and we used them at the bridal fairs we went to! a few weeks ago he got an email from a guy who runs the salt lake bride website, he asked Tyson if it would be okay to put his stuff on the website and he also asked if he could pass along his contact info to some of his friends that were at KSL, of course Tyson told him he would love that! a few days later he received an email from KSL they want him to do a sculpt of Scott Haws who is leaving their news station, and they also asked if he would like to come up and be on the show and show off some of the sculptures he has done and while he is there they are going to give Scott the sculpt! so Tyson will be on KSL between 6:15-6:45 in the morning if any of you want to watch!! we are super excited for this spot light i think that it will have a great response for Tyson's business!!