Wednesday, October 5, 2011

birthday, first year pictures, bridal fairs!

tyson and i have been busy putting together booths for the provo and south towne expo bridal fairs, as many of you know tyson does likeness sculptures, he decided to make and sale some custom wedding cake toppers, unfortunately i don't have any pictures of them but if you want to you can go look at his website, it is he has all of his work that he has done. the fairs went really good and the response was amazing. so if y0u know of anyone that is getting married or just wants a really good birthday/wedding/anniversary/etc... gifts let us know, he can pretty much do anything!!

for some reason when i upload this picture it flips sideways sorry i can't figure out why!! so this was wyatt's cake for his birthday! my brother in law works with a lady that makes cakes and she did such a good job on his cake and it tasted way good too!!
we had his first year pictures taken, my amazing auntie launa took them and she did such a good job. we got to the park that we planned on taking the pictures at and it was closed so we went to a different one and we got all set up with everything, took a few pictures and the sprinklers turned on, on us!! wyatt started crying and from there on he refused to be happy, i had my mom come with me thinking that she would be able to help make him laugh, well it was just the opposite, he held on to her for dear life, he refused to move an inch away from her and would cry if she tried putting him down, we finally sat him down and made him dig into a little cake that we brought with us and about ten minutes after he ate some sugar he finally calmed down and we got some really good pictures!! here are just a few, she took like 300 pictures so it was hard to choose which ones to put on here!!

this one is my favorite one!!
for wyatt's birthday we went to bicentennial park in provo and had pulled pork sandwiches with salad chips and drinks, wyatt was super tired and so he didn't dive into his cake like i thought he would, but he did pretty good! he got tons of toys and clothes, he is defiantly a very spoiled/loved little boy!! i am so grateful to have him in my life, he brings me such joy i love being his mom, he is the best baby in the world!!

lincoln was such a good helper, he helped wyatt open his presents!

i love this picture of wyatt and his great grandma marge!!
that's pretty much been our life the past month or so busy busy busy, it's been good though!! also I'm pretty excited breaking dawn comes out and guess who has tickets to the midnight showing!! that's right ladies, its me!! i know you're all jealous!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

he thinks he bigger then he really is!!

i went outside to water my plant and when i came back in this is what i saw wyatt doing!! he was mad that i left him inside so i guess he decided to follow me. the little stinker cant crawl but he is climbing the stairs. he also walks along the couch, around the coffee table and ottoman. i'm not sure if he will crawl or just end up walking!! he loves to pull himself up to the couch so he can be standing!!!

each day he learns something new!! he brings such a joy into our home and lives, i can't imagine what our life would be like without him!! i'm so blessed to have him as my son, i love being a mom!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


wyatt does something new on a daily basis! his first tooth finally popped through on the 24th of march and his second one came a week later! he got so use to me holding him and loving him for several weeks while he was teething that now he thinks he needs me to hold him and play with him all the time. he has picked up screaming just for fun, he screams when you don't pay attention to him, he screams at his toys, he screams when you don't feed him fast enough, he just loves to scream, and he is not quiet when he screams, it is an ear piercing little girl scream but i love it!!! he rolls all over the place, i can't leave him on the bed, he has rolled off of it 3 times (you think i would learn) even if you place pillows and blankets around him he somehow wiggles through them!! he tries so hard to crawl, and he gets frustrated when he cant move where he wants to. he has started to try and pull himself up to the couch and he gets mad when he can't, so i hold out my hands and he grasps them and pulls himself up, i wonder if he will figure out walking before he crawls!!
tyson and i went with my sister and her husband to Zions National Park on Easter weekend, we left wyatt with my mom which was hard cause i've never left him for longer then a night but it was nice to have sometime away! we got there at like 1 in the morning and set up camp and went straight to bed, we woke up the next morning and hiked angels landing, it was super hard...well for my sister and i, it was worth it though. we started the hike at 11 that morning and finished at 4:30 in the afternoon, after that we sat in the pool for a few hours then made tin foil dinners and went to bed, it rained all that night but stopped as soon as we got up for breakfast, we headed home later that morning after we did some shopping in town!! we had tons of fun and i think i want another vacation, that just wasn't long enough, though it was long enough away from wyatt, i missed him so much!!

on easter sunday we went to my parents house and they had a little easter egg hunt for everyone!! wyatt made a haul! actually all of these eggs aren't his we just dumped them all over him and got pictures!!

i love this picture he is such a cute baby, i love him to death, he brings so much joy into our lives. you can't really see is easter outfit but it is super cute (thanks to grandma cork!!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

the best day of my life!

3 years ago today i married the most wonderful man in the world, it was the best day of my life! i am so grateful for him and all that he does for me and our son. he is the most loving person i have ever met in my life and i am the luckiest woman in the world to have him as my husband. tyson is the man he is today because of the way he was raised, i am eternally grateful to his parents for the exceptional son they raised. i love him to death and i am excited for what the future holds for our family!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

mr wyatt

wyatt is now 4 months old, almost 5, he now weighs 19.2 lbs and probably even closer to 20 since
we went to the doctor at the first of the month. i asked the doctor if wyatt could have rice in his bottles because he was eating 6-7 ounces every hour and a half, he was constantly hungry, but the doctor told me he would try not to but if i couldn't handle feeding him that often then i could use my own discretion, but not to feed him any solids until he is 6 months old. well i tried putting the rice in the formula in his bottle but it didn't seem to help at all, so i decided i wasn't going to
listen to the doctor instead i took my family's advice.

i started to feed him just the rice cereal!! he loves it, he eats so much of it too, i couldn't believe how much he ate the first time i feed it to him, and he is a natural, he didn't spit it out at all!! i only feed it to him at night before he goes to bed, now during the day he eats every 2-3-4 hours which is nice!! he is also rolling over, from his back to his tummy, the doctor said that it is rare that big babies roll from back to tummy first. he was also surprised at how strong wyatt is and how social he is!! he rolled off our ottoman a few days after he learned to roll over luckily our bean bag was there to catch him!!

he loves his bumbo chair!!
he also loves to stand up now, he thinks he is such a big boy when he stands up!!!

tonight grandma gave him his first haircut while he was sleeping!! now it is nice and even and it doesn't look so messy!!!

i can't remember if in my last post if i said we had moved to provo, but we have!!!! and we love it, it's been nice to be on our own again, though i miss being able to just give him to my mom for a few minutes while i needed a break. i also quit my job so i am now a full time mom!! i love to be able to spend all day with my little man!! it is such a joy to be a mom to him!! tyson is still working and going to school, he love's his teachers and he is now on the honor roll!!!