Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lake Powell!

Last week I went to Lake Powell with my family! (unfortunately Tyson wasn't able to come) We had a total blast!! My cousin owns a boating business called Invert Sports, he has 6 boats, wave runners, and all the equipment you need to have fun. He and his wife took their vacation with us and Jason spent some time teaching us how to wake board, wake surf, air chair, and we did some tubing!

Lance was brave enough to try and wake board! He is a lot braver then I ever was at 6 years old, and I loved the water! He was able to get up on the board but then he would get worried the water was going to get up his nose so he would let go of the rope and plug his nose!

Wake surfing was a lot of fun but I wasn't very good at it because it hurt my ankle that I broke 3 years ago. Jason is amazing at most everything, I guess he should be because that's what he does all summer long! With the wake surfing you can actually let go of the rope and stay right behind the boat and its actually like your
I think that the air chair was the coolest thing to watch, I would never do it because I think I would end up getting hurt, but Jason was getting pretty good at it by the end of the week, he could actually get the fin out of the water and jump the wake, I'm pretty sure by next year he will know how to do back flips!

We also did some knee boarding which was really hard but I think I liked that the most! We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again next year, I just hope that Tyson will be able to go! By the end of the trip I was actually kinda moody because I hadn't been able to see him for so long!

Jason jumping the wake,
and doing a back flip over the wake!

The first day we were there it rained on us, we were stuck on the boat in a middle of a rainstorm, it was so scary because lighting was striking so close, Jason and Stephanie (his wife) got struck by the static electricity that ran through the heater of the boat! My mom and friend Haley were stuck on the wave runners, the two people who should have been in the boat because my mom hates water and Haley hates thunderstorms!!