Sunday, July 8, 2012

pictures pictures and more pictures!

Lincoln Wyatt Paizley and Maximus!! Im surprised we were able to get some pretty decent pictures of these kids cause they are busy bodies!!

Max fell asleep with grandma, isn't he such a cutie!!

Playing with Sparklers!! Wyatt doesn't like them, he won't even look at them the little stinker!

 Tyson was really concentrating on drawing a star!!

I decided Wyatt could use a haircut and since it is summer i decided i would just have tyson chop it all off!! he was really good as long as he could play with his tooth brush and have the water on, in the end we had to throw away all of our tooth brushes because Wyatt kept grabbing them and getting his hair all over in them!!

Such a handsome little devil! He takes after his daddy!!

We put Wyatt in swimming lessons this summer, we did the mommy and me class which was super fun, my child is NOT afraid of the water, he would walk from the shallow to as far out and he could possibly get without drowning and when i would try to help him he would would scream and at me and try to get away (as he is drowning, he still didn't want to be helped!)

this is the last day of lessons when daddy came and swam with us.
 the whole time during the lesson wyatt would try to escape so he could slide down the slide, head first mind you! in this picture he actually just walked over to the bottom of the slide and sat down, i didn't get a picture of him going head first!
 he is yelling "MOOOOMMMM"
my mom came over to watch wyatt and cousin max on their last day and as soon as he saw grandma he started crying cause he wanted her!

so being such an awesome grandma...she got in with him!! Luckily she was wearing shorts but no swim suit!!
 he was probably the only kid that would actually walk along the wall by himself, he refused help with anything! if i would have let him he would have jumped into the 4 ft deep area with no help at all!!

i couldn't find him for a few minutes, i kept asking him where he was and he kept saying "mom, mom, mom" and it was a muffled sound and this is how i found him! if we leave the door to the laundry room  open he runs as fast as he can to push the buttons on the washer and dryer and apparently if i leave the door open he climbs in the dryer!!

as soon as dad walks away from his computer/work station wyatt runs as fast as he can (and he really is fast!) and he climbs on the chair so he can click the buttons and try and watch cars (ken block/gymkhana) when tyson walked back in the room this is how he found him, right after he snapped the picture the chair moved all the way and tyson barely caught wyatt before he face planted it on the tile!!
Tyson and I are busy getting ready for some more bridal fairs, we have one coming up on July 21st at the LaCaille Restaurant in Sandy, It is suppose to be a higher end bridal fair so we are hoping to get some people who will pay pretty good money for these toppers.  On August 17-18 we are heading down to the wedding capital of the nation (Viva Las Vegas) for a bridal fair down there, there will be about 3-5,000 brides coming through that fair so we are pretty excited about hitting up that clientele (SP). Other then that we have just been keeping busy with work and staying cool at the pool!!