Saturday, May 26, 2012

prepare yourself....tons of pics!

so its been forever since i've updated, here are tons of pictures of wyatt and some just some of the sculpts that tyson has been doing. wyatt is a busy body and loves to be outside, he also loves to watch buzz and cars. he talks quite a bit but unless you are around him all the time you may not understand that he is actually saying words! he favorite things to say are: cars, buzz, side (outside), and no!! he probably says each one at least 100 times a day if not more!! 

watching buzz, he sat with a smile on his face basically the whole movie!!

i bought this at michael's one day and he loves it!
 the first time he went down a slide, he climbed right up to the tallest slide and went face first!
 he loves to feed himself!
 just outside!
 mr potato head teeth!
 wyatt and baby max with grandpa!
 his first easter egg hunt at grandma and grandpa stubbs!

 throwing his egg!!
 he loves the steps at grandpa and grandma corks!
 wyatts favorite food is spaghetti! as you can see he loves it!

 we bought a bubble machine and he loves it!
 he will stand in the center of it and scream!!

 these are just a few topper/gifts he has done for people!
the hulk for my brother lance!

 kid going on mission who was a weight lifter in HS, he is reading the BOM!

 he is sliding into home and she is standing on home plate getting him out!



Your baby is so cute!

Jerry and Ella

Wow, them toppers are amazing. And what a cute kid you have!! I love watching him grow.


Cuteness overload! I absolutely love how much character Ty puts into those. They are going to be conversation pieces for a hundred years.